The Lore of IKTP: A Journey Through Time

Everything you need to know about the game narrative
April 20, 2023

The Lore of IKTP: A Journey Through Time and Memories

In a fictional dystopian city reminiscent of Eastern Europe, the echoes of the past linger in every corner. The city, ravaged by time and change, holds secrets and mysteries that only a select few can unravel. In this city, a man arrives, whose journey we will walk through in the game. He has just received a cryptic letter from an old friend, inviting him to return to a place of great significance from his past.

And so the journey begins. He ventures into the heart of the city and finds himself in a familiar yet eerie courtyard, where time seemed to have frozen in the 90s. The air is thick with the dusty atmosphere of an autumn evening, and the shadows of his childhood memories dance in the corners of his mind.

He arrives at his friend’s apartment on the first floor of a crumbling building, uncertain of what awaits him inside. He finds the door open and steps into the empty apartment without his friend.

With each step, he uncovers more questions than answers. The objects around him behave strangely as if they are alive, and the once-familiar surroundings now hold untold secrets.

He realizes that to find his friend and uncover the truth, he must navigate through a labyrinth of apartments. Each apartment represents a separate stage of a story in the game, filled with riddles, characters, and quests.

As our hero delves deeper into this enigmatic world, he discovers that the different floors, apartments, and rooms can transform into entirely different spaces. These new spaces challenge him with a variety of simple and complex riddles. The solutions to the riddles and quests bring him one step closer to finding the answers he seeks. As he progresses through the game, he earns rewards for solving puzzles and uncovering hidden easter eggs.

In IKTP, players follow the man’s journey but also hold the power to determine the story’s direction. They will be voting on the twists and turns that would unfold in this tale. As they guide the hero through the maze of his past, they uncover the truth about the city, his friend, and the hero himself, ultimately revealing the purpose of his return to this haunting yet captivating world.

And so, the story of IKTP continues to unfold, with each player leaving their mark on this unforgettable adventure, where the past, present, and future collide in a tapestry of memories, secrets, and choices.

The first chapter of IKTP is an engaging 30-minute gameplay experience. It will be available on April 20th. Add to your Steam wish list to be notified.

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