Introducing the team behind “I Know This Place”

Learn about the incredible humans who built this game
April 20, 2023

Introducing the team behind “I Know This Place”

In 2022, a group of four talented friends from Belarus, with backgrounds in art and gaming, embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary in the computer gaming industry. They envisioned a unique first-person quest game where players could influence and shape the plot. Thus, “I Know This Place” (IKTP) was born. The team’s primary focus was to craft an original, captivating, and unparalleled gaming experience. So let’s meet the team!

The creative force behind IKTP consists of Serge, Konstantin, Pavel, and Slava. Serge serves as the Game Designer and Art Director, guiding the game’s visual and interactive elements. Konstantin, a 3D guru, contributes to animation, models, textures, materials, and 2D graphics. Pavel, an experienced Unreal Engine (UE) Programmer, works tirelessly to ensure the game’s scalability. Slava, another UE Programmer, is known as the master of blueprints within the engine.

With a wealth of experience in game development, VR Metaverses, and other UE projects, the IKTP creators had previously received support from industry giants like Epic Games and Oculus. After years in the gaming industry, they felt it was time to develop a unique experimental quest that would empower players to shape the game’s future chapters.

A serendipitous professional encounter connected the IKTP creators with RBL Labs- web3 gaming studio. Mik Mironov, Founder and CEO of RBL Labs, was immediately impressed by the innovative concept and the idea of a community-driven narrative. RBL Labs decided to invest in IKTP’s first chapter and cover development costs for further growth. The concept of community-driven storytelling aligned perfectly with RBL Labs’ vision of Web3 and the future of gaming, leading to the implementation of a DAO-based voting system on the blockchain.

The game’s genre, setting, and timeline were meticulously chosen to create a unique mystery storyline, seamlessly blending with the game’s serene and enigmatic atmosphere. “I Know This Place” is the result of months of careful planning, scaling, and development, promising an unforgettable gaming experience for its players.

The first chapter of the game will be officially released on Steam on April 20th.

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