Introducing “I Know This Place?”

Intro to the world of IKTP - our new Web2.5 game
April 20, 2023

“I Know This Place” is an experimental first-person game following a mystical quest with an unknown plot. It is a unique game in which the quest is divided into chapters.

The game has a twist — everything is unknown to the players and even to the game developers. The plot of each chapter unveils as the players progress in the game. This unique twist of the unknown elements makes the game even more intriguing. It gives players the opportunity to influence the direction and possible outcome of the story.

The players also influence the game by voting unanimously on the plot of the story. At the end of each chapter, the players who are members of the IKTP DAO have the opportunity to vote for what they want the future of the game to hold.

The developers will provide clues, references and riddles as the basis for the plot, but each player will understand these clues and interpret the ongoing events in their own way.

The Setting

IKTP is set in old courtyards and apartments in a dystopian city. If this city looks familiar, it is because it is influenced by the cities in East Europe. It follows the story of an unknown man who is the main character of the game. Players do not know who he is — his name nor his past. The only thing that is known about him is that he has just received a letter from an old friend. In the letter, he has been invited to visit a place from his past, which is important, and the start of the adventure.

As the story unfolds, we understand that this is most likely a place from his childhood. He has not been back here for many years, and so much has changed, but there is still a feeling of familiarity. He arrives in a typical courtyard on a dusty autumn evening, which feels like time has frozen in the 90s.

The game itself begins in a locked apartment on the first floor of an apartment building. The hero will try to figure out why he is back here, and why the objects around him are behaving strangely, and some, seem to be alive.

He will try to leave the apartment and the house while looking for his friend along the way. But this will not be easy, as he will have to pass through several apartments, and each apartment is a separate stage of the story, with its own riddles, “characters” and quests.

To divert the plot of the game in any direction, the different floors, apartments, and rooms of a house can represent a completely different kind of space (for example, in “pocket changes”). Players will be presented with simple and complex riddles whose solutions will bring them one step closer to finding answers. Players will also be rewarded with prizes for solving puzzles and finding easter eggs.

The DAO Council

As players make progress through the game, they will be able to vote through the DAO on what they would like to see further. Only the players who are members of the DAO council will be able to make these decisions and influence the plot of the story. Only some selected players and investors of the game will have the opportunity to join the council, make decisions on the game and represent the rest of the IKTP community.

The team behind IKTP will analyze the data provided by the DAO Council to develop the plot for subsequent chapters.

What makes IKTP original?

  • Players will be able to take part in the “creation of the world”. That is, as they progress through the chapters, the players will see how they have been able to build out the story. The first chapter will be released on April 20 on Steam. After completing it, the players will vote for the future plot.
  • The 90s setting in a fictional dystopian city inspired Eastern Europe during post-Soviet times is truly unique. It was an era where many important events and changes occurred which had a great effect on the people and the culture of Eastern Europe in general.
  • Core players will be able to vote and offer their ideas for the development of the plot along with the offer to place their riddle ideas in the game.
  • There are many different characters in the game, and more will be added progressively. Many of them will surprise you. The expansion of this project is possible on a large scale, with the involvement of players in the plot, new ideas, riddles and event voice acting and other roles. It is fair enough to say that IKTP constitutes a fully-fledged community-driven quest game, unique of its kind.

The first chapter of “I Know This Place” will be available to players on April 20. Join the Steam page to learn more about the plot and add IKTP to your wishlist!

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