RBL Labs, LOCGame & “I Know This Place”

April 7, 2023

RBL Labs, LOCGame & “I Know This Place”

A Perfect Match for the Future of Web3 Gaming

In 2021, RBL Labs web3 gaming studio launched its debut product — LegendsOfCrypto — a fun and engaging play-to-earn collectible and strategy card game inspired by the pop-culture of crypto industry. The vision of the CEO & Founder, Mik Mironov, was to create a game that would celebrate all the characters who made the crypto revolution possible. And with NFT and blockchain technology, these NFT cards could become a living history of cryptocurrency’s triumph.

LegendsOfCrypto quickly gained traction, attracting investments in the game’s $LOCG token from top funds like Signum Capital, NGC, and Polygon Labs. The game is now available in early beta access.

In 2022, RBL Labs welcomed Serge, the Art Director who was working on the animation for LegendsOfCrypto. Previously, Serge had been working on his personal project- “I Know This Place”- an AR/VR quest game where the community of players would decide the game’s next chapters.

RBL Labs saw immense potential in this idea and decided to support the team by acquiring the first chapter and supporting the further development of the project. The concept of community-driven decision-making game aligned perfectly with RBL Labs’ vision for the future of gaming and Web3. As a result, the studio acquired the rights to the first chapter and set out to bring the product to the market with Web3 features including voting via DAO and the use of the $LOCG token.

In November 2022, RBL Labs showcased the “I Know This Place?” (IKTP) game at the Web Summit in Lisbon. The game proved to be so captivating that RBL Labs’ booth became the most visited among the Beta Startup cohort. High-profile visitors from Sony Europe and Deutsche Welle praised the gameplay after trying it out at the event, adding to the excitement surrounding this upcoming, innovative game.

RBL Labs’ decision to include IKTP to the ecosystem of LegendsOfCrypto by using the existing $LOCG token is both creative and business driven, and marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Web3 gaming. By merging the power of blockchain, NFTs, and community-driven decision-making, they’re paving the way for a new era of immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

After a lot of had work, the first chapter of “I Know This Place” is finally launching on Steam on April 20. Head over to our Steam page to learn more about IKTP and add it to your wishlist!