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Mik Mironov
April 21, 2023

RBL Labs launches Web 2.5 game on Steam “I Know This Place”

Introducing "I Know This Place": A Community-Driven, First-Person Quest Game Set in a Dystopian City, Featuring Unique Riddles and Expansive Player Involvement.

AMSTERDAM, NOORD HOLLAND, THE NETHERLANDS, April 13, 2023- RBL Labs, the innovative web3 gaming studio behind the popular play-to-earn card game LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame), is excited to announce the launch of their second game, "I Know This Place" (IKTP). Set to release on April 20th on Steam, IKTP is a groundbreaking Web 2.5 community-driven quest game that leverages blockchain technology, empowering players to vote on the game's direction and influence its development.

IKTP takes players on a mystical journey set in a fictional dystopian city, reminiscent of the nostalgic backdrop of 80-90s Eastern Europe. The game's story unfolds as players explore old courtyards and apartments, solving riddles and completing quests through the eyes of the enigmatic main character. As players progress through the game, they will encounter various challenges and peculiar characters, all while uncovering the deeper narrative of IKTP.

While Steam is considered a traditional Web2 gaming platform, RBL Labs added the Web3 component to put gamers in the driving seat, making the game a Web 2.5 experience. What truly sets IKTP apart from traditional gaming experiences is its focus on player involvement through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Players who are part of the DAO council and own $LOCG tokens can actively shape the story, vote on plot developments, and even contribute their own riddle ideas. By utilizing blockchain technology, IKTP ensures a transparent and secure voting process, allowing players to trust that their choices will genuinely impact the game's development.

Integration of the $LOCG token into IKTP not only increases its utility but also strengthens its connection to the gaming ecosystem. The introduction of a token burn mechanic ensures that every vote requires a certain amount of $LOCG to be burned, reducing the total supply.

"We wanted to create a gaming experience that truly empowers players and allows them to actively participate in the development of the game," said Mik Mironov, CEO and Founder of RBL Labs. "With IKTP, we're not only delivering an engaging and immersive story but also pioneering a new era of community-driven gaming."

As a Web 2.5 game, IKTP bridges the gap between traditional gaming models and the decentralized world of Web3. This innovative approach paves the way for a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience, where players become co-creators of the game's content, rather than passive consumers.

Chapter 1 of IKTP will be available for players to embark on this one-of-a-kind adventure from April 20 on Steam. To learn more about "I Know This Place" and join the gaming revolution, visit the game on Steam and add it to your wishlist.