How to Play & Earn in Arena PvP Tour

May 4, 2023

Welcome, Legend.

You have explored the insanely addictive world of LOCGame and are ready to take it a step further. With the Arena PvP Tour, we’ve got you covered.

What is the Arena PvP Tour?

The Arena PvP Tour is one of the game modes in the Multiplayer section. It is available to all players who have completed at least one city in the Story Mode for a chance to win the total prize pool of 90 LCs.

Unlike the Friendly Match where you battle against your friends, in Arena PvP Tour, you battle against an AI that is using another player’s defence deck. This is called “Asynchronous Multiplayer Mode” and players interact with each other indirectly through their decks which are used by an opposing AI. This allows you to enjoy the gaming experience by taking on the AI that is practising another player’s strategy.

In the Arena PvP Tour, you can see the name of the player whose deck you are battling against. This may help you identify the cards in this players' decks, and their playing strategy. It’s good to keep this information in mind for the Tournaments and Friendly Matches.

Here’s how to navigate and play in the Arena PvP Tour:

  1. Log in to
  2. Check the “Deck Building” to confirm that you have a deck of 15 unique NFT cards.
  3. Click on “Home” to return to the main menu.
  4. On the Menu page, select “Multiplayer”.

5. In Multiplayer, select “PvP Tour”.

6. From the page, you can see your progress through the tour. With each win, you earn 9 LCs per round, until you get to the final prize pool of 90 LCs after completing 10 rounds. If you choose to exit the tour after a victory, you will keep all your earnings and can return to complete the tour later. If you lose a match, you will have 2 options: either exit the Arena PvP Tour with half of your earnings from the rounds played or pay 30 LCs to keep playing.

7. To start playing, click ‘Find Opponent’ to be matched with an opponent.

8. Click ‘Start Battle’ to begin playing.

9. Each win takes you closer to the total prize pool of 90 LCs.

Congratulations! You are now ready to take on the Arena PvP Tour.