Holiday NFT Sale: Get Ready!

March 20, 2023

We are excited to announce our upcoming Special Holiday NFT Sale! The holiday sale is particularly significant as it is the LAST TIME packs from the Apollo and Awakening collections will be available for purchase.

The sale starts on December 23rd. We will offer packs from the Apollo and Awakening collections, as well as two new packs: the Mega Pack and the Dark Night Pack, to players and collectors.

  • The Dark Night Pack contains five new standard rarity cards with 5 new seasonal characters.
  • The Mega Pack contains all standard rarity cards, from Genesis and Apollo collections. There are 54 characters in total including many of the OGs.

Remember, it is the last chance to own the NFT packs from the Apollo and Awakening collections. The cards and packs from these collections will no longer be available for sale and will only be issued as rewards for special occasions.

Why join this sale?

As you may already know, LOCGame has become somewhat of an unofficial custodian of the history of the crypto revolution by documenting the influence of the heroes and villains who have shaped the movement. Their influence has been immortalized in the collectible cards used in the LegendsOfCrypto game and across the RBL Labs’ gaming suite.

This holiday sale will offer new investors the opportunity to be a part of RBL Labs’ promising ecosystem of gaming and metaverse projects. It is the last opportunity for collectors to be a part of this history by owning cards and packs from the Apollo and Awakening collections. The cards from LOCGame will also play an important role in the Cryptise Metaverse City, Collect2Earn mechanism in the game, and in the upcoming 3 casual games from RBL Labs.

As the project unveils new game features and utility for the cards, it is estimated that these cards will become more valuable. In the upcoming season of the game, the visual rarities of the cards will be directly connected to the in-game rarity and special abilities of the cards.

Last but not least, the mobile version of the game is set to be launched by Q1 2023. More players will be introduced to the game, leading to an increase in demand for gaming assets. The mobile app will soon be available on the Google Play and Apple Stores.

This sale will be fun, and we hope that you will get these cards as the perfect holiday gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Make sure to follow us for more updates.

Happy Holidays,

RBL Labs & LOCGame